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Mining / Unalanced / Monster stone


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Hi every one wanna ask about mining thing cause feels like it's totaly usless over here since i bought a golden mattock though it will drop golden ore but i was wrong so nvm so i had normal ore which ones dropping 1 per hour thats still not the worst part even if u mining whole night or more then that u get an item which u are not ABLE TO TRADE so basically whole mining thing is totaly usless buying a stuff from pus to do it is just scaming a  KC from ppl cause u got no benefits from it ... 

As well server is totally unabalanced as every1 can see there is like 1231231 against 2 pt of humans :) maybe some Admin would take care about it ? cause it ruining the server to be honest  ...


Another small issue been doing as warrior lvl 65 with some normal gear like chitins 6 rappy and scrolls monster stone and funny thing is that normally u are able to kill mobs easly as well boss at end with those items and lvl i was dying over and over From INDI ARCHER THAT WAS Spaming me for 1k each hit and no no matter if i was next to him or i was trying to slide same dmg over and over so dont tell me u cant use R or u gotta stay close cause been doing all those thing's :) 



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+1   the drops  need to be looked at... 

I  have tested the mining out as well  and got some pots none tradable   and i think yes thats good  but then i got a 2nd drop and got some chitin  None tradable but also for a char im not using so ive wasted all the time mining for a drop not even worth selling to the npc but could be worth a small amount to someone else or even trade to someone for something my char can use ...

The special items  pots things like that make locked to accounts but other things  Pads so on make tradable ..  If pay for golden  at least be able to sell off the useless items to your char 

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They already stated that mining is not a good farming method here, so golden mattock and offline mining voucher are pretty cheap Please read the forum before doing something like that. I would agree with drop rate anyway, 1 ore per hour is a bit mehh

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