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Items from Daily/Weekly quests to be account bound


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The rewards vary between;

High class weapons +1's and +3's

Chitin armors and shells +1's and +3's

Monster stones

Weapon and armor enchant scrolls

1500 hp, 300 armor and Speed-up potion

Blessed upgrade scrolls

Reverse item strengthen scroll

Crystals, opals and crude sapphires


Just a thought, considering this is a semi farm server.
What is to stop somebody to make 2+ chars, just to do daily/weekly quests and flood the market with items such as high class weapons/shells?
I mean, ill willingly level 20x chars to 70, just to get 20x the amount of items from quests daily/weekly.

So my theory is, make these items account bound. 
So they dont flood the market with these items. 
It also forces people to upgrade them or horde them at low levels :P

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Tbh in our group people were already talking about making alts just for dailies like the crystal/opasl/crude etc, so Yeah I do agree that these should be account bound.

Or at least make them have high lvl requirement or something to reduce the ALT abuse.

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15 minutes ago, Sierra said:

They’re all for personal use. :)

This is great, it also motivates people to upgrade their items.
rather then selling the items at +1 (and bus) to sell for $$.

Although, the problem here is if i go archer (for exp) to get level 83. Then i decide to class change to priest for whatever reason.
What happens with the iron bow +7 i have made?


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1 hour ago, Hic-A-Doo-La said:



please do not add item exchange. If it is account bound. Let it be stored on inn hostess

i agree with this for the daily/weekly quests. But for personal, IMO if you have class change, you need to enable personal weap exchanged.

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