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Apex Forever | Offline Mining & Rewards [EN]


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Hello Apexians, 

Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and use the newly added [Offline Mining Emblem].
Offline Mining lets you use the mining feature and log out. During this time you could log into another account which has to be different than the one that is already mining.


1. Buy "Offline Mining Voucher [30 days]" from our Power-Up Store.



2. Collect your bought voucher from your mail by clicking "Accept" (click L to access your Mail UI).



3. Go to [Familiar Tamer] Kate (732, 545) in Moradon and select "Use Voucher" option.



4. Then select "Offline Mining Emblem". After doing that you should have the emblem in your inventory.



5. Equip the [Offline Mining Emblem]



6. Go to the Mining Zone and press Spacebar to start mining. 
NOTE: In order to be able to do that you must have Mattock (obtained through [Miner] Jaro) or Golden Mattock (obtained only via PUS) equipped.



7. Press ALT + F4 and select "End Game" to begin offline mining.
TIP #1: Always make sure that you have enough inventory space (at least 1 slot) and that you are not overweight.
TIP #2: Always make sure that you repair the mattock item of your choice in order to be able to mine longer. The longest you can mine without logging in is 8 hours.



8. Log in and check your inventory. If have mined for enough time, you should have some "Mysterious Ores"



9. In order to exchange them, go to Miner [Jaro] and click "[Exchange] Refine this for me, please?" option.



10. Select "[Mysterious Ore] from extract" to get your item.



Possible rewards:

The potions, armors, and weapons are untradable.


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