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Clan war !


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A new event has been introduced for the clans in our community called Clan war. 

Clan war is an event for the clans in our community to have a chance to challenge each other into a good & fair battle. This specific event will have two different maps that will be randomized between the regular Colony Zone map and the Ardream map.

The way to work this event

Step 1: Both clans must be on opposite sides of each other, both clan leaders must be online.

Step 2: The clan leaders must meet anywhere they would like too but in Colony Zone, this event will not work if you try to challenge each other in Colony Zone. 

Step 3: One of the clan leaders must click on the character they would like to challenge and type in, ( /clan_war), and they must wait for their opponent to approve the challenge.

Step 4: Once both clans get tped inside into the randomized map, both clans will have 2.5 minutes to put the items into an NPC called Escrow 1, after 2.5 minutes you will have another chance to put more items into Escrow 2.

Step 5: After all that the clans must form the party they would like and battle the opponent, the WAR will last for approximately 40 minutes or until one of the two clans type /Surrender. 

There will always be one victory clan, the winning clan will automatically receive all the items the opponents had in their Escrow 1 and Escrow 2. They will not need to trade anyone.


Apex clan war.png

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