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stun/slow rate archer


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So, on the new patch the stun/slow rates will be reduced cause everyone was crying about it?

Although the only reason everyone got stunned or slowed was because everyone was so retarded to use ROF's instead of ROL's/LB's... Even mages stunned me alot when I was on ROF's...

When I put on my LB's I barely got stunned once. Like ofc you get stunned when you're on ROF's and iron set... You have 0 glacier and 0 lightning resistance. 

Also people don't even have krowaz yet lol


So now you just reduced the stun/slow rate which prob will make archers useless aswell, then you have the 700 spike assassin guy, guess there is no point playing rogue either anymore...

Only class left to play will be mage or what? ? 

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6 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

Stun and ice shot have always been nearly impossible to land against players who itemize properly. 

This is nothing new, archer doesn't need these to be strong. 

well yeah, it's already nearly impossible against smart ppl, but now they even reduced it more cause we played against retarded ppl on beta and ppl crying ? 

so after this reduction, it won't be near impossible, it will just be impossible ? 

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9 minutes ago, BroOk said:

It's normal to get stun when u get chase by 500 kingaurelios .. rate should stay like that for now or rogues will disappear from apexko...

Harungas style is needed for harugas

Well tell that to @Aesteris ? they reduced the rate of stun/slow cause people crying

i agree with you, rogues will disappear for sure, cause if you can't play archer or sin, rogue is useless ? mageKO incoming 

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