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ApexKO's general rules & guidelines


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1. If you encounter a bug, report it on the forums. In case it is gamebreaking, please send a PM to an admin directly to prevent abuse. Depending on its level, it could get you rewarded niftily.

2. USD trades are not supported, but they aren't banned either. Just don't post them in our forums or social media sites nor expect help in case anything goes wrong.

3. 3rd party gold websites are not allowed both in game or our forums, it is up to GMs discretion to do what they see fit.

4. Using cheats of any kind is a bannable offense. Do not risk your account.

5. Engaging in intentional griefing, verbal abuse of any kind, luring, and overall ruining the morale of the server isn't advised. It is up to GMs discretion to do what they see fit.

6. If you have ideas for the server, you can post it in our Feedback section in the forums, a GM will answer you shortly.

7. While drama is sometimes inevitable, we'd like to kindly ask you to keep it away from our forums or social media sites. It is expected from all our players to act maturely.

8. Developers have all control when it comes to changing rates, drops, features or just about anything in Apex KO and even these very rules.

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