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What we expected what we found and some advice / Ne bekliyorduk ne bulduk ve bir takım öneriler


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EN :

Dear community,

As most of you guys realised lvl 70 cap wouldn't work for the ApexKO we all wanted when we first heard there is gonna be a new server. We experienced the first weekend pvp action with 70 lvl characters and it was almost all about mages and melee almost wasn't involved except few parties. I think what people loved about ApexKO before is that it's being the same as USKO with a better and enjoyable contents. Now when you take away what was it about everyone felt dissappointed including me as a mage player. Even though I'm in the first 10 player who won the prize I can't see any enthusiasim in myself to start the official in 10 days. However when I thought to myself what would change my mind is that making a lvl 80 cap server with maximum armour Shells and weapons Iron Bow, Raptor, Elixir Staff etc. Also adding dragon shell drops in CZ slots would make a perfect pvm/pvp action. Just think about how USKO having so much players in those new servers. They did 80 lvl cap and added 83 later on without any krowaz, bifrost, UTC and Dark Knight items. Dragon Shells should drop on CZ slots (for example warrior shells on Booro, Assassin on Balrog, Mage on AOC, AOF etc.) and there shouldn't be daily quests for them for a while. I think this is the only way people would want to play on that server with excitement once again. You can add Krowaz, Bifrost, UTC month by month which wouldn't take away the spirit of the game. I had so much hype but now it's all gone unfortunately. Please comment below if you have the same feeling or better ideas about the game. We still have 10 more days. We can still try what we want from the game while we still have beta going on.


TR :

Bir çoğumuzun 70 lvl cap olayının beklediğimiz ve sevdiğimiz ApexKO'ya uymadığını farkettiğini düşünüyorum. İlk haftasonu 70 lvl charlarla pklar atıldı ve bence tüm bu olayın magelere yaradığını gördük. Melee clanlar ve partiler nerdeyse hiç yoktu bir kaç party ve okçular dışında. Herkesin önceki ApexKO'yu bu kadar sevmesinin nedeninin USKO'dan daha güzel ve eğlenceli içeriğe sahip olmasıydı ama şimdi bunu tamamen değiştirip böyle bir server sürülünce bir çok kişi ve bir mage playeri olan ben de hayal kırıklığına uğradım. İlk 10'a girip ödül kazananlar arasında yer alsam da official servera başlayacak bi heyecan bulamıyorum içimde. Ama eğer bu server 80 lvl cap ile başlasa, max armorlar sheller, max weaponlar raptor, ib, elixir vs. olursa ve dragon shell dropları da cz slotlarında olursa güzel bir pvp/farm server olabilir. Bence USKO'nun şuan en yeni 3 serverlarındaki doluluğunun sebebi bu. 80 lvl caple başladı sonradan 83 lvl geldi ve hala krowaz, bifrost, UTC ve dark knight itemleri eklenmedi. Dragon shell dropları czde olmalı (mesela warrior sheller Booro'dan, asasınkiler Balrogdan, mage AOC,AOF vs.)  ve günlük dragon shell fragment görevi bi süre aktif edilmemeli. Bence anca bu şekilde insanlar officiale başlamak isteyebilirler. Krowaz, Bifrost, UTC vs. bunlar aydan aya eklenirse oyunun heyecanı da kaçmamış olur. Yeni serverı duyunca baya heyecanlanmıştım ama ne yazık ki büyük fiyasko oldu. Siz de aynı veya farklı düşünüyorsanız veya daha farklı fikirleriniz varsa yorum yaparak katkıda bulunabilirsiniz. Hala officialin açılmasına 10 gün var. İstediklerimizi bu süreçte deneyebiliriz diye düşünüyorum.


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+1 for this im on USKO altar and its really really good balance Boro drop warrior and sin dragon myrthil ew drop trial rons. This server is all abaout mage mage partyes own all.. I dont think to play 70lvl when u open 80+ ill surely come. Thx for read. 

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I really don´t agree with this topic at all. 

Mages will always be good expecially in lvl 70 yes. Mages hit pretty hard and the HP on the overall players is pretty low. But you will of course need a team to play with and probably 2 priests. I have played a lot of 70 cap (myko) servers the last years and when ApexKO came out with the info about the farm server i think a lot of players like me became very happy. It´s a server with muscles and they know how to run a successful server. To find a server that fit 100/100 players will be impossible and i think the way with opening different cap is a smart way. The ppls that don´t like 70 cap will join later when the 80 cap will be out.

A server with this prerequisites like the player base will be able to make a very slow played server with a lot of new things coming up, not every day but over time there is a lot of things that can be added to the server. I love the concept by starting at lvl 70 with some hard exp and farm to get the old nostalgi game back for a while. After a few weeks/months they will open lvl 80 and then implement maybe new events and new weapons and armours. 

Just my opinion tho. 

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