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My client won't start - How do I fix it?


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Sometimes you may find the client won't start when you try to run it from the launcher.
This is almost always because an antivirus (or Windows Defender) has blocked (or deleted) it.

The best way to permanently fix this is to simply add our client folder to its exclusion list.

As there are many different antiviruses (with many different versions) it is impossible to explain how to do this for each of them (there are many guides online for doing this for your individual cases), but here's how to do it in Windows Defender (on Windows 10).


Windows Defender (Windows 10)


From the Start menu, search "Defender" (or "Virus & threat protection").



On the Virus & threat protection screen, find the "Virus & threat protection settings" section. Click "Manage settings".



On this page, find the "Exclusions" section. Click "Add or remove exclusions."



Select "Folder".



Now browse to the folder you installed the client to.
This is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\ApexKO" by default.

Click "Select Folder".


And you're done! You should see the folder added to the exclusion list now.

If the client still does not start...

It may be that it removed some essential files.
In this case you should simply reinstall the client; with the exclusion added, it won't remove them again.

Additionally, if you have any antiviruses installed in addition to Windows Defender, you should be sure to add an exclusion for the client's folder in those too.

Have fun!

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