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Fishing and mining in Apex Forever


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Hello there, didn't quite know where to ask this. 

I'm sure most oldies will remember the utter economical chaos of mining and fishing in the initial release a few years back. What efforts have been made to minimize the dominance these two professions have on the economy this time around?

Is there perhaps a loottable for both regular mattock/fishing rod and the golden tools for reference? Will golden tools even be allowed, given their encouragement of practically free AFK farming?


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Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your concern - I'd like to start with saying we've learned from our mistakes in the past.
First off, fishing will not be enabled (we may enable this later, but don't see any need at this point in time).
Secondly, mining has been set up in such a way that it provides only a minor boost to players and is extremely inefficient if done actively.
A lot of the items obtained from mining will be permanently bound to your account (and rendering them unable to be vendored to the NPC), limiting the impact this has on the economy - even when done at scale.
As active mining is so inefficient, we've decided to add "offline mining" as a feature. The intent here is that while you're asleep, you can either choose to merch (with offline merchant), or mine to progress your character ever so slightly.
You'll be able to get about 16 nuggets during a night's sleep, which then need to be exchanged for items. The loot table contains various items needed during normal gameplay (potions, upgrade scrolls, etc.), with a chance at items you'd otherwise have to farm for (but permanently bound to your account, as mentioned before).

Kind regards,

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I very much like what I'm hearing, and I'm sure others will feel the same way. ?

Working hard to gather items only to be outdone by a level 1 orc with a shiny pick was quite detrimental to my motivation. 

This is a great step in the right direction, I really appreciate your quick and informative response.

Best of luck guys, me and my friends can't wait for the release. :)

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