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FinalLegacy English Mage Clan


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FinalLegacy is an old English mage clan that has played together for years, switching servers and versions. We play together with UnDeStRuCtAbLeZzZzZ, so if you do want to join, you'll have plenty of people to play with, but you will be my responsibility. But you must be able to get along with all of our members and work together with the clan. I hate nothing more than selfishness.

- Discord
- Must be able to understand and speak English.
- Must be active.
- Must be able to understand we cannot help everybody but we try our best.
- Must follow the rules, which sadly follow the mood of the leaders biggrin.png
- Must use a "King" name tag if you're a mage.
- Must behave themselves and avoid causing useless drama.

Looking for 2-3 mage players. Have to be able to play between 19:00-01:00 server time (UTC+2). Mages simply need to have premium, valks, wings and pathos gloves. Rest of the gear is pretty cheap and easily obtainable over time. Levels aren't an issue either since 80 cap is coming out soon anyway. PM me here, Kallop#0600 on Discord or KingSlayer ingame and we'll have a chat.


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Just to make sure all our members are aware, we will join Undez in official. For individual members this will change almost nothing, since you will still "answer" to me and if you joined us as mages you will still play with us as you would've before. If you have any questions, then you can pm me here, G4L or Discord.


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