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Apex Forever | New Server | BETA April 17 | OFFICIAL May 1


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Apex Forever OFFICIAL

Apex Forever Farm BETA









What will happen to my Apex Points?
Any remaining balance on your account that's been purchased from us is kept in its entirety!
Furthermore, all Power-Up Store purchases (ex. vouchers) made within the past 3 months with Apex Points purchased from us will be fully refunded.
Finally, all vouchers paid for with Apex Points purchased from us will be liquidated for your convenience,
so no need to worry about losing any points you didn't exchange just yet!

Will you have an open beta?
Yes, we will be holding an Open Beta from April 17th 19:30 GMT +1 to April 28th 19:30 GMT +1.
Characters created on Friday to Sunday will start at the level cap, characters created on Monday to Friday will start at level 1.

How many players do you expect during official?
We're expecting a decent amount from all over the globe - we've kept in touch with a very large amount of players and clans that have played over the years, and every single one of them has been asking for a new server. As everyone is aware, we've got special ties to the Chinese player community, and we're extremely happy to be able to say they will ALL be joining us for this new server.

Will I need to download a new client to play?
No, once BETA is online you will be able to download a patch through the launcher.

I want to play Kurian, can I?
No, you cannot. Kurians will be disabled on this server.

Can I invite my friends to play here?
Yes, you can, and you should - the more the merrier!


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