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How item drops work in a party


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Just putting this out there.  To whomever it may concern.   If you are in a party and you are killing boss's and there happens to be a drop, then you split that drop with the party upon selling the item.  If everyone in party agrees to give the item/drop to one person then that is what should happen.  Until you get a answer from everyone in that party, that drop should stay with a trusted character in the party.   Just because the person that received the item/drop does not need the item/drop does not mean he should get denied part of the split (unless agreed to give item to a party member).  Once item sells then all players of party should get equal share of sale.  I will not say anything negative because I am a fair and honest player. 


I understand there are not a lot of players online at this time.  However I still see people advertising buying and selling such items.   If you are unhappy about not getting the drop then maybe you should rethink on how fairness can be distributed and let me know.   

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