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I believe we should have a Forum Moderator.  Someone who can respond to people in a timely fashion.  I also think they should have access to mute/ban people on forums.  Would also need direct contact to a GM to help with questions.  I also believe we could use some advertising as well.  The FM(s) could make videos, SS, and post them to a topic.  That would be nice so people can see how they did in a battle/event.  Everyone likes to watch themselves.  The FM could also be a social media manager and advertise on social media and other places, to help promote new players coming over to this server.   I love this server and want it to grow.  At least get back to were it was when I 1st started.  Starting to see some people come back which is nice.  One last thought....A chat box would be nice as well.  Players can chat to one another in real time.  Not everyone can be in game at all times, so a chat/shout box would be nice.  Just a suggestion and thought.

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  • English Game Master

We’re quite a few that can moderate the forum, however i’m not the person to make videos and stuff like that. :P And a chat/shoutbox... That’s been used for a very long time and it’s barely used for anything good tbh. Just requires so much active moderation it’s not worth it.

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