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Clan Ranking


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Yeah, that is what Flegy did.  He just removed inactive players from the list.  Which would drop clan status and only show active players.  I know blocks can be set up on a timeline to show status of active clans/players.  Also how clan rankings should be listed.  Most NP and most CLAN NP.  That way if you want a glowing armband and be in or one of the top clans then you must donate to clan.  This is also crucial to build chars and go to cz so they can get NP for themselves and to stay in clan that promote active players and promote active clan.  We need a goal.  I think its best to be in a active clan as well.  The bonuses for being active are already in place.  (ie higher xp, np for more ppl logged in at one time)  I love that about APEX.  Now its up to us to keep server alive and be active.  Clan wars are also great idea.  (top 4 human clans vs themselves to see which human clan is best.  Same on Karus side.  Then have the top Karus clan vs top human clan for the top clan overall.)  

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