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Events ???


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When will the rest of   us get included in the  events  like Wars and ED 

Times seam to be set to midnight or later   for us    and other made events like boss hunts set to middle days during work hours..


Are we going to be thought off  in  there as well ...


After tonight   there would have been 2 boss hunts  one 12 am and worse   for some  2nd boss event during school and work hours 


Now theres war  same thing  12 am to 2 am for some   worse for others ...           Was mensioned last time so others can have war   now 2nd war comming i and its same time  so we miss out again ???


Like WTF  


Will we get events soon   or do we find other place to enjoy these 

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Spoke to Aesteris  personaly and he posted a few times to me  


From what I have seen and the plan he has   it should work for everyone  his plan ...    Once this starts  we can start a pole and see how it went for all then it can be tweeked if need be


Keep eyes open for his new times comming soon

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