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SlicedUp’s Take On Things – Gaming, Knight Online & Apex


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·         I do not expect everyone to agree with everything I have written.  In fact, there’s some content here that I may not even fully believe in, but I have provided it yet still as I find shared information/ideas can often lead to creativity or a new found solution by our content hosts.

·         Unfortunately posts like these often provide much more criticism than credit for the amazing work previously performed by the GM, admins, developers ect.

·         I initially intended on writing a more organized constructive post, but I am a very busy man and haven’t sufficient time to improve it so it became quite ranty.


Gaming/MMO Foundational Concepts:

AFK players should not receive any progress (items, experience ect) in this game or any game in my opinion.  On a similar note mining/fishing/training are all dumb features.


There should be less emphasis on individual play…and more on group play.  For example: A player farming BUS solo should NEVER be able to make more gear/farm per unit time than a party of 8.  Individual monthly ladder has always been a thing in KO, we don’t need to take that away…but why isn’t there a monthly clan aggregate reward?  I can’t tell you how many times myself and others I’ve played with were active on multiple characters.  They will never get the individual monthly despite their sacrifice to the clan.


Reduce maintenance on our characters in order to play.  Please for the love of all things holy stop bombarding our inns with crap as one example.  It’s bad enough there’s so many dropped items that are completely useless at this stage in KO in general.  S> Lobo Pendant +3.


It should not be so damn tedious to play this game and prepare your character for pk.  There’s so many features that have been a part of KO for in some cases no foundational reason at all.


GET WITH THE MODERN TIMES ALLOW US TO SAVE LOAD-OUTS OF OUR CHARACTERS.  THIS INCLUDES STAT/SKILL POINTS AND SKILL BARS.  JESUS CHRIST DO THIS NOW.  Why is there a fee to reskill, why do I increment by one point in my skill/stat tree (why can’t I enter a numerical value)??!?!?

·         HP and Mana Pots should be a non-consumable basic skill on everyone’s kit.

·         Scrolls are dumb get rid of them (including red and blue ap/def increase)..some options: increase all base stats & debuffs / rework priest Aura…or…scrolls always on and make buffs/debuffs ect over-ride effects.  (I.E. undying would over-ride 2K buff until the effect expired or the user received an hp debuff.)  Side note: this also gives a use for sweet kiss curse and promotes group play…)

·         Weapon & armor durability, repairing…get out of here with that shit.  Sure it used to prevent some people from macroing effectively back in the day…but I do not see the purpose of it anymore.  I want my guys staying alongside me in the bowl – not towning to go repair.  Is Talia even craftable on Apex?  If not get rid of acid pot too, aside from talia counter what real purpose do these serve?


More WTFS?

·         Why are there NPCs, quests and such that give more NP than is obtainable per average unit time by PVPing? ZZZ

·         Is there even a concept of rank at all in KO?  Why is there so many payable features, and game systems able to influence NP?!


Some other random suggestions to Apex KO staff:


Make it easier to “onboard” a brand new player to KO.  Make it easier for a new player in general to start (irrespective of their experience in KO or Apex).


Tidy and polish.  You’ve got one of the smoothest servers I’ve ever played.


Stop trying to imitate official and be better than official.


Reduce gold bar inflation.


Make offline merchant free- a dense Moradon looks nice.  Side note why do there not exist other clients (I.E. mobile or browser) that are able to communicate with the game back end for the purpose of market??  What is technically challenging about creating an app which is able to set a merchant using my phone?


Listen to your community about stun rate, slows, blinding!  It’s often that there’s 10 archers grouped tightly together (or mages), so even a 1% chance of slow has 10 people casting it.  While it’s great and all that it’s claimed there is diminishing returns on the success rate function… GUESS WHAT one of the most important events in a pvp battle is the initiation/engage.  Those first 2-4 seconds can change everything.  Oh and I often run over 300+ LR on my priest StrongHeart, I am stunned non-stop – resistances aren’t doing enough.  Also, if you ever do an actual analysis on these you need to base it off the rogue class, which has the lowest natural resistances, and also assume that they are running dual jamadars (not raum which gives some resistance) – as this is one of the communities’ most popular builds.


Instance 2,3,4?  If those cost you even $5 a month in server resources they should be removed as they serve no purpose and aren’t being used.  Hell you could probably do away with Eslant entirely- just spawn the old school bosses in CZ.


Gear Dispenser:

Fundamentally I believe that the gear dispenser should

·         Provide new players with a fighting chance in Ronark as well as sufficient gear to farm/participate in various events

·         Have a range of items that support common builds and/or user preference

Additional hammers for priests based on their preference or build…

Lycaon Hammer +8, Lobo Hammer +8, Lupus Hammer +8, Holy Animor +8, Smite Hammer +8



National Points / Monthly Ladder Points / Clan Rank / NP Store:

Np Store, Monthy Ladder exchange??  Wtf, why are players choosing between one of the only perceived measures of rank in this game and items??  We have 2 ingame currencies already ( gold bar and knight cash.)  BTW NEVER give KO players a loaded gun.  With newly introduced NP exchange options I have seen countless players blow their NP and quit the server.


Events / Achievements

I like pvp chest concept, do not like the drop tables / percentages.  NP Drops – great more dilution to our measurement of rank.  Tons of Coin introduced to the server via gold bars -> great now 100KC is over 21 GBs!


Didn’t love the decision to reduce wins to achieve Juraid Protector. With boss wars and average CZ activity new players easily achieve the 60AC achievement from destroying Chaos Stones.  ~40 AC advantage in the grand scheme of things seemed like an odd thing to focus an update on at the time.  Who was even complaining about this?


Powerup Store:

Switching premium?  DC flash?  Duh fuck?  Who asked for this garbage, and how does this apply to Apex?  We start at 83…  How many items in the store have less than 10 purchases in the last month?  Half the buttons don’t do shit in the PUS, when is the last time you ran a deal?  Depending on the deal you get, length of service ect…Xbox live costs like $5 a month to play- but it costs like $15 a month for power up store items like pathos/cospre for one game?  The payment processor you currently have is asking me for enough documentation to open a bank account.  Who in their right mind would provide pictures of their license ect to a lesser known foreign entity?  Hell I couldn’t even find them registered as a money transmitter (https://www.fincen.gov/msb-state-selector).  Are Turkish players, some of the most active and best players able to smoothly purchase?



Fundamentally I believe (both in KO and any competitive pvp/match type game) there should be minimal randomness.  Put control in the player’s hands…let the man with smartest tactic and superior mechanical skill win (not random number generators…).


Some skills have cast fail rates, others do varying amount of damage (I.E. when an assassin’s spike does 100 damage??? WHY???), more random activation of weapon/shield effects has negatively impacted this game since pre-ROFD.

·         Please tell me that chaos effects are purely server-sided, I am getting sick of the adamant curse saving priests/mages multiple times over at the most perfect times.


I claim that TP is the strongest skill in the entire game.  Prove me wrong.  NERF IT!  You won’t but I ain’t wrong – its boring as hell to pk with how tanky some classes are…the second their hp is below half they get tp’d.  What is fun about that?

There has been almost no rebalance of 70+ skills since they were first introduced years ago!!  When 5% of an entire server population has a 5 second blind skill – there is a MASSIVE difference in player experience in comparison to a server in which all players start out day 1 with this skill.

Blind is my most hated skill in this entire game.  Because of how strong the skill is, it literally prevents players from facing you until the skill is off cooldown.  There is no fun in scenarios in which you are already out-numbered and a lightning mage is blinding you?!  It is a waste of my time, provides no enjoyment to this game.  Oh and opposing 2x light mages (or more) with instant magic = even more time wasted.  Can we fucking play this game?  Why are we blinded. Pre-level 8x cap it used to be so much fun as assassin trying to 1 vs 2 other rogues.  With blind skills, this is a very lost enjoyment – you will just stand there defenseless waiting to die.

Verse is completely lost.  With rogue it has for me been unenjoyable for many years now.  Oh great, your spike, thrust, and blind all criticalled while mine did not… you’re so GG.  Wow your chaos curse went off while mine did not, you are so GG!


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On 9/19/2019 at 11:33 PM, LordSlice said:

claim that TP is the strongest skill in the entire game.  Prove me wrong.  NERF IT!  You won’t but I ain’t wrong – its boring as hell to pk with how tanky some classes are…the second their hp is below half they get tp’d.  What is fun about that?

roflmao xD!!!!!! nerf TP skill xd!!!!!! this guy made my day xDDD

- if u dont like stun rates, cursed efects, blind skills etc etc maybe should be try on another vertions of the game, maybe myko vertions or maybe this game is not ur thing.

Trying to change the basic things of the game for the comfort of a few is absurd, that attitude is the reason why a large number of players have been lost. Nerfing classes like idiots is not the answer it wasn't before and it won't be right now. Precisely that was one of the reasons for the server lost people...

well idk everything is possible here on Warriorko

i mean Apexko ?

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There are so many things that could be improved as sliced said that will make apexko active again so many things that can be removed and have new things put in place of those, but not awhole lot will be done, Staff members must be on daily not once in every here and then show ur support to all the players that are still in apex or are trying to join, new players love the server once they try to pk and see how overpowered players are they dont think twice they will alt + f4 n never come back, please start something to help everyone and bring this server back on its feet where it belongs its been over three years. 

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On 10/23/2019 at 4:29 PM, xHomiee said:

bump man server is dead  we dont even wanna play because its not fun anymore were a huge clan and no1 even bothers to login anymore something has to be done by the staff members of this server @Aesteris @twostars




On 10/23/2019 at 4:30 PM, xHomiee said:

make a Halloween event for example for the pkers.. make santa events anything..

What's the point? Server is gonna die again when events over. There is nothing wrong with ApexKO. It's the people and private KO community who jump from a server to any stupid new server for a fresh start. Like addicts who take any new drug.

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On 10/26/2019 at 6:33 AM, red123 said:


What's the point? Server is gonna die again when events over. There is nothing wrong with ApexKO. It's the people and private KO community who jump from a server to any stupid new server for a fresh start. Like addicts who take any new drug.

yeah but apex will be active for a while and gain new players hello?


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Restart just means the pocket spenders get all the items and Nps then back to same thing ...

Something else is needed to be found to make it interestin so new and old players will return not same nothing..

As well as something new the Geared players need to include the new players not have it so they get kills and let all the new players run and just die being forced to buy items from the geared gready Moofs

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