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Event Notification Bug


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IGN: HabibiRogue


Not getting any notification for joining Border Defense War or Juraid Mountain while being in cz or moradon.

Same happens with Chaos also, at times when I come to Moradon take the Map of Chaos, the Countdown is not even on the screen, so I am not able to join.


Kindly take a look.


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  • English Game Master

I remember there being a bug in the official client where this happen from time to time. What happen if you re-log during que time? Will you get the notification then?


I want to remember this happen if you’ve been online for very long and you would need to re-log before the UI is supposed to pop.

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  • Administrators

I believe this used to happen when you closed/minimised the event notifications and it kept them closed for future events instead of popping them up.

I patched this a while back so it would force it to pop back up on new events, but it's possible this old patch is no longer behaving correctly in this version. If you never close it, it should never be a problem though.

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