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u are not the only 1 who waiting for any admin who care about priest, they touch alraedy all characters on servers they reduced / increased almost every class on server except Priest,

apexko need a bp str style to make some solo nice pks. but that obvious cant be done with2xxx files, still giving some more ap to INT priest could help more on solo players. 

giving more attack power to priest means u cant wear good items to tank ofc. pretty sure theres many ways to find a solution for that but to be honest i lose all my wish to see bps back on 2xxx servers. 

just do like every1 else , make archer run behind 3 party ks and make a kill or just make light mage , so ull be able to stun every1 with just 1 hit and it doesnt matter if ur opponet runing with 250+ LR resistnce. 

take care and enjoy ur solo apexko game. XD

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Paper items have been suggested many times and i even went to test it with a player. We both concluded at that time that it’s definitely not worth running around basically without armor for that low damage you’re doing.

As stated above STR on priests should give less ap than INT, and with INT you can also wear better armor. That should be more worth it.

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