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fraud management


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So, you think you're exposing us or something by trying to spam this?

For posterity, I've approved this one just to make a point - your NP was wiped because you were abusing a bug. You weren't the only one with your NP wiped. I'm sure I didn't get everyone, but I did wipe several of you that were doing it after you were warned.

If you think this is unfair, maybe you should reconsider abusing bugs in the first place. And no, I don't care that you reported it -- you were caught, by me personally while I was initially investigating the bug, abusing it. Reporting it and then purposefully continuing to abuse it doesn't make you immune to punishment, sorry.

Since you're still very much worked up over this and continuing to attempt to threaten us in any manner you can think of, I've given you a timeout for now. I'd advise you to use this time to consider if you actually want to continue to play here, or if you should just leave, because kicking up a fuss isn't going to get you anywhere.

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