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72 75 80 skills

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you should make it like the lvl 60 job change, where you gather essences, or something easy ive been after those stupid pendants since beginning. and if u change class gotta start all over?? cmon man :/ sucks.. it really sucks getting recked in cz because u don't have the 80 skill when others do.

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The mobs should just drop them how they used to drop it before the respawn / drop rate reduce.  It's fine on the rest of the mobs, but when you solo 3x Lobo in a row w/o getting any pendant, that hurts and hence why the prices are so high aswell.   Increasing the drop rate of pendants, shaula tail etc wouldn't hurt so ppl would get it abit easier and more could come to CZ and pk.     



(Saying it as a guy who has all his skill opened already except the 75, could've done that aswell, but when ppl buying the quest items for 400m++ , rather selling it..)

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Yea, this skills quests are really expensive. For example, mage need 3 x lupus pendants and other stuff, it's around 20+gb... And usually if u dont have this skills, then u have low chance to survive in bowl. 


They really should change this. In old official ko (usko) this items was required only once...

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Agree with snorlax , it should be a little more easy then it is now, and there's another problemas if you open it and want to change class you're rly fucked, you'll have to open every skill again on The class you choose like my self, i want to go to rogue but i cant coz i dont have money to open everything again.


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