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Lunar Wars


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At Official KO

  • Commander
    • 10 minutes after the Lunar War opens, Commands are given to the 5 clan leader that have the highest national points.
  • Summon
    • Unable to use
      • Teleport Friend Scroll (PUS item) and Calling Friend Scroll cannot be used.
    • Loading Screen
      • It is possible to use Calling Friend Scroll and individual summon skill

I think commander rule should carry out. Many players make new clan, being commander easily even if players are newest.

I think we are all in need of cooldown for Teleport Friend Scroll. Therefore, we can battle against each other at war.

What do you think about it? @Aesteris @twostars



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The abuse of TP - both call party scroll and tp to friend scroll is outrageous.  It has been harming the PK at invasions for quite some time.  So much so barely anyone even goes anymore (for more reasons than just this of course...)

Slightly offtopic but related: With gold bar inflation as high as it is, it is pretty much free to spam the crap out of tp to friend scrolls.  As an added bonus if you add a cooldown or restrict their use entirely then maybe people will spend Apex on respawn scrolls? :P

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