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SlicedUp - Buy & Sell List

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·         Priest Holy Boots + 3 or higher

·         Mage Holy Boots +3 or higher 

·         Holy Knight Materials (Ancient Sheet, Light Elemental Stone, Transmutation)

·         Holy Mage & Priest Recipe

·         Tears Karivdis & Trinas

·         Ararat Rings

·         Exceptional Shard +8 or higher

·         Exceptional Raptor +8 or higher

·         Garges Shield +11


Selling/Trading Items:

·         Shard +21

·         2x Chaos Wirinom +11

·         Priest Holy +8 Gauntlets

·         Mage Holy +8 Gauntlets

·         Exceptional Mythril Set +11

·         Lycaon Hammer +8

·         2x Elf Ring +3

·         Amulet of Goddess +3



Please pm here on forums or ingame:

·         SlicedUp

·         xSlicedUpx

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