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Dark knight items


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9 minutes ago, red123 said:

Maybe add some high end expire-able items to NP store, like dark/holy knight armors and weapons+11 as well as accessories+3. I think 12 hours expiry sounds good to purchase with national points. Maybe more players would join server. Those +5 / +8 items in NP store suck to be honest. You spend time, money and NP for what? You can't trade them in the end. Lets say you wanna change job, you have to start all over again. The reason not many players have joined yet is that beginners have to go through upgrading, it's time consuming and gambling. With high end items in NP store beginners will join the fight right away. Those who value national points/symbols will probably go for permanent items/upgrading/farming/buying and those who just wanna have fun will spend NP and never worry about items.

@twostars @Aesteris

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