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New Mage Clan Human Side PsychoSociety


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Hello guys we are going to start a mage clan and need active members!


Our goal is as always beeing nice having fun! And for our clan motto goes to "Sharing is caring". Of course we don't always give out free items to new members!


Here is our sharing system:

1. based on activity and on loyalty(How long and often have you been on and how much are you involved in the clan)

2. Have you been in the party killing the boss/ farming slots?

3. How is your behaviour to other people in clan and generally!


Important: All the gathered Items going to a clan bank first and the leader is sharing them with the clan mates. Selfishness gets punished with ban!


Don't be shy if you are underlevel. We accept mages from lvl 45+ english speaking and with TS3/Ventrilo so we can communicate while big aoes and in PK.


You dun need to have any age, but to be grown up on speech and behavior!


If you want to apply do it here with the following informations:


How old are you?
What class are you going to play? (Mages and Priests prefered atm)
What timezone are you in?

How many hours can you play daily?
Do you use Ventrilo or TS, and do you have a mic?


or pm me ingame and have a chat with me


Aphrodite, k22k, Ban, Psycho or Immortal


We looking further to get advertisements!


Cya around and have fun!


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the clan is kinda inactive, leader is off for personal reasons if i'm not wrong-


Yea, I am moving on to live with my girlfriend.And the lead was passed to a gg clanie :)

This clan has three mages out of 18 players.


Is that what a mage clan means these days?

And yea we can't find a lot of mages I am always looking for new ones. But it is hard these days to find active mages. And aswell mate we need only these 3-4 mages to rule the world haha <3 But still looking for more.

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