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other things should be improved


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First of all thx to stuff members for did some good things here.

U did good work here now u can not stop. I see server is not even close when snowman was active now.

Last day ultima pk was 2 human party vs 1 orc party something not good still.

I suggest u to add new items to apexis chests, etaroth chest, to add utc materials in chaos stone mobs,

U give ppl free offline merchant for 1 day ?=?

what can begginer do with offline merchant, nothing trust me...

add dark knight vouchers in ultima bifrost and pk chests.

u should really add some event in morning time i can play till 07.00 to 11,00 server fully dead at that time cant pk cant farm cant do anything.

when snowmans was in that time there was 30 ppl each side...

20 k nps if server dont have pk is really much for krowaz +8 utc +5...

make them cheaper 10 -12 k seems good..

bifrost chests drop much fragments and fragments are usseles fully all drop nightmare crystals 90% can u pls care about this little ??

u really need start care more about server give eos heung and others to add gm kill events or some other event u cant be unactive like u were till now.

u really need to make utc easyer this days couse last 3 utc in last friday we didnt finished even 1 couse no enaugh ppl.

Should give some mobs up them during ultima event or bifrost event who also drop items that farmers can come to cz like with snowmans

that was heaven for farmers and that bring pk up to lvl 10.

thx leave ur suggestion 


apexko best private server surelly...

selam, have a nice day

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