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Nation transfer.


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Before NT was turned back on was other way around and everyone Nted back to orc   so Same problem just other nation is now  to many ...

Ive not pked in over a month and gained 10 spots on the Np board    was 8 spots before  NP merchant came in game ..


NT needs to be controlled  players cant do it them selves  to hard for them so all nt to make easy nps   pk not important to most drops is all that's cared for 

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Hey admins is there a chance you can activate that Clan NT once again this weekend? Or take a a look at the current state and balance things out yourself, at least this time.
We finally managed to have some people in CZ again, but it is not balanced, let's not let this ruin things again, please.
Do something before people get bored and quit. Too many orcs at the moment, a balance is needed.

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