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Remember I made this topic right after you reduced the NPs by 90%?


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So basically, I suggestions to rest all the Clan Grades & Donation Nation Points at the day after I saw the reduced NPs and I knew something is broken since no one loss they're clan Grades.
Since you reduced the Nation Points by 90% and the Grades stayed the same.
Here let me show you with numbers what I mean:

Since yesterday were 'IRebeLLioNI' Royal Knight 1 + Grade 1 Cape
And we had in total Donation: 1.026.493 Nation Points which before the reduced it was 10.264.930 Million Nation Points.

Stainless 206100
PanaremaS 204000
DemogoRgaN 200000
Leviathan 108000
Pidgeotto 85000
Marcilius 80000
Bitcoin 75293
Charmander 68100

And yesterday a friend of mine made a new clan so he left with his NP's chars: Stainless [ 206.100 NP ] & DemogoRgaN [ 200.000 ]
Which mean that we are 'IRebeLLioNI' staying with 620.393 Nation Points Donation in the Clan.

While his 'New Clan' atm had to Donate: 1.452.810 Nation Points


BabySh0ckeR 513410
Stainless 205000
DemogoRgaN 200000
BenDjDikkat 169735

Which he could only be upgraded to Royal Knight 4 with Grade 4 Cape [ 273.600 NP ] + 36.000 For Color and stayed with: 372.810 NPs left, which I'm not sure if it's even enough to upgrade to Grade 3.
While before the reduced it were 14.528.100 Nation Points, which you only needed around 6m NP's for R1 & R1 Cape.

Now don't forget all the Capes & Color we've changed on 'IRebeLLioNI' and we still have better Grade than them with more NPs Donated left.
And this isn't only 'IRebeLLioNI' clan that broken, it's 99% of the clans atm are broken.


My Point is, it's definitely broken and unfair if your main target were to reduced the ridicules mount of NPs in the server and it is also unfair for the 'New Comers' - 'New Clans'
Which even now will be more 'New Clans' because you disable the 'NT Clan'

Atm they're 51 Clans Royal Knights 5+ and 11 of them are Royal Knights 1.
Which mean also new comers or new clans won't be able to be in their top #10 nation for nomination for king.
Only the old and the same players will be able to nominated.

With the rest only few clans will be able to be Royal Knights 5 let's not even talk about Grade 1.
And if u r target were to lower the NPs and also make NPs more valuable on  the server than this is a win & win case.

Please look into this @Aesteris @twostars do something about it don't leave it as is it now because as I said it's definitely broken & unfair.

Have a Good Day Ya'all

Eden || Melody.

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Could be even harder to get Royal Knight Capes if you put them back to their original prices.
Which is funny that right now a cape that worth 72K NP's were worth before 360K NPs while the color cape stayed the same 36K NP's per new paint color.

Same with other Grade Capes that were cost before millions of NPs even R5 Cape worth more than 1.1m NPs before the reduced.
and now Royal Knight 1 Capes worth only 576K NPs which before it was almost 3M NPs.

And now every single clan has those high capes even tho they don't have the NP's for it.
Which with the mount of NP's in the server barely 2 - 3 clans can be Royal Knight Grade 1 with R1 Capes [3M]

#Can't edited any of my posts so had to make another reply.

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