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this ones for the mages out there. ice mages get 2 freezes. lightning gets 2 blinks. fire mages had 2 heals because we cant escape. now it is a dot..

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Vampiric Fire was changed to behave that way in USKO a long time ago. Go figure. Old Vampiric Fire was overpowered.


Fire focuses on raw damage, almost 50% more damage on every spell compared to ice and light.

Ice and lightning focus on utility / party support.


You can't get the best of both worlds in one skill tree.

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fire is good dps but isn't fantasic. lightning can escape stun and kill, ice can slow and freeze fire can just dot :P that's it lol

Let it be known that Fire is the only element out of the 3 that gets 2 skills at 80.


Lightning gets Blink, a multipurpose tool.


Ice gets Freezing Distance, a game changing spell in party pk.


Fire gets Ignization, the highest damage non-projectile nuke (has a fast cast too) in the game and vampiric fire. You should already be happy with those :lol:

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