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Doing that is   like asking them to stick to what was posted in the must read thread  everything completed in the first  quarter of 2019   stated in the post by admins   and things added so not all at once ...

Over a month since everything removed and 0 things added...


The bf mobs was posted to be down for a fix  and up soon   that was over 12 months ago now and   NEVER had a truthful answer from admin about it  just it was down to fix  and never replayed for since ..


Half the community  have items they want  and other half cant even get items as the BF mobs needed for them...

Im with you on this Help the community   but on other hand why would  the admin add something to farm make drops and allow ppl to upgrade and maybe help bring prices back down to earth  instead leave everyone with nothing and only Half items  that BF mobs are needed for 


Bring back BF  or even Mobs in CZ that  make drops       Think of the community  not ignore us again

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See how there  promises turn out  so far 0 of all they made and first quarter coming to end in few weeks ..


BF mobs be good  make farm cz so pk  and items to craft and upgrades get some start to a flow happening so its prob last thing on list  if its even on list    as ive said before why help the community  the players in game and supported from the beginning are the ones that are cared about the least  it seams

Lets just hope BF mobs are here sooner than later so everyone has chance to make holy sets  not just the select few  like normal 

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