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Recruting people whom are still exping.


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With our cape quest done, we can finally have an ally clan to help ppl exping, since we are aware that it might be abit hard if you don't have a group to exp with.      



Created it few hours ago (Human Side) , there is honestly not much requirement in order to join since we are mostly just trying to help people with it to let them have a group they can exp with, but atleast we expect:


-English knowledge

-Act normally, don't be a troublemaker, don't spamm the allychat with bullshits, etc.




That's pretty much it, as long as people won't have problem with you, you can stay and exp yourself.  Times to times the main clan is exping yet aswell so if we have time, we can help you out sometimes with exp / quest too, but don't rly expect too much exp party from the main clan, considering nearly every1 is 80+.



You can try to pm me / send me a letter:  lSacredDavid  or to a clannie: DrManhattan /// pretty much every1 from the main, "LaTroupe" clan, they will most likely let us know about you and we will try to add you to the ally, cheers.

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It was just opened, aside from my and few other's sub char , there is only 1-2 guy in the ally atm, so nope, there isn't rly any exp party going on (we do some with the main clan where few ppl could join  1-2x times a day atleast still since some are going for lvl 83), but hopefully in few days there will be enough ppl for the ally to make their own exp parties , but for now, nope , nothing yet.

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Was it so fucking necessary to start a pointless hate here?   geez.....           Just keep this topic clean and if you got problem with him discuss it out in pm. I wasn't there tho, didn't see anything like that, fact is, he is a gg guy with gg attitude, also boss fight is a boss fight, things happens there, ppl aint complaining either when the other side killing them while trying to kill a boss, you gotta deal with such a things while playing KO...





(PS.: Some of your ex clannies lured shits to our genie parties to destroy it. So ye, idk which1 is worse, doing what you claimed [which even if truly happend, it was max a 1 time thing] at a boss fight, where people usually do whatever they can in order to get the boss, or luring monters on AFKers on purpose to get them killed.)





On topic:



2-3 guy was added already, hopefully in 1-2 days it will get way more and you can create and keep up your own exp parties.

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 well tomorrow ill be on all day



ill try to set up my priest n warrior.....so ill have genie on them lmk if u got attackers who are lazy...and private char me ur voice chat....(if u dont have one let me know ill set one up for main clan and this exping clan...) i just need exp im a babashopper so my items come with lvling....and since ur human i gotta start fresh xD

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