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nation transfer

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rest of the day its  orc 4 priets per party  2 to 8 partys vs  1  maybe 2 broken human partys with 1 or 2 priests total ..  Need something done   use to have good pk at this time of day  for a few hours  now  its just boring 


Work on something fast plz  nothing to do but  donate Nps or sit on moradon 

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Disable all NT all together until can fix something  even more  ppl nting ....


2 days without  playing and im moving up the rankings  how is that still being aloud to happen ...


Not sure if the gms can see the ppl selling accounts and quitting due to  all 1 sided pk  and boredom but something needs to be done for the ppl who supported APEX from server 1  till now  not forget us hope we leave so you can start again 

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