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What about rest of Christmas Chest


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When will the Xmas trees and things santa so on be removed and back to normal 


And for  twostars   What to know the logic behind  the items  

Me personally  i deleted  gave away or sold off items  i wouldn't have  to fit scrolls and things into my stash with expire dates on them  but  instead of  them expire on date as soon as event ended  the saved  items we all had were removed ...

i dont understand the logic of  us doing event revive items with expire dates   on them but having them removed from us  1 month or less before expire ..


The scrolls and things should have stayed in game  undying  dur  red and blue pots  until they expired on there own...

I lost alot of items and gbs due to believing i  had item until the expirey day   if knew you were deleting them 1 month before expire i wouldn't have kepted them at all just 1 stack i was using at time other 10 to 20 stacks would have deleted and kepted my items ive lost now

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Event items are always removed when the event's over. The same thing happened with the Halloween event.

I'm not sure why you'd have thought it would behave any different. Aesteris even included a warning for this in his post.

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