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NT Systems.


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I was wondering if you could make a better system for NT clans, today during event it's was a big mess, only orc's was there.

Its was like 5-6 party orc's against 1-2 party humains and left early. Pretty boring. No fun at all

So i may suggest something like free NT clan for top 5 clan ranking, so they can handle it alone or put someone (GM) who can handle event, and support clan's for nt if somethings wrongs. Or something else that can helps to improve pk.

It's doesn't have sense to pay X KC for NT clan and carry about how pk is everytime it's unbalanced. I mean we could do it but in certains points you've to support clans  and players who just want to make the PK great again.

what's the points to have an Light Pk server if the pk is unbalanced and boring.

We just want to support the server by making PK actif.

i know its much asking, but for Exemple. we '' Alcoholics " clan, wanted to pk during events, but its was unbalanced and we were only waiting for humans. After few mins we just went afk's cause it's doesnt have sense to wait like that.

In one side, it's killing pk, we could just NT and balance the pk area. Everyone could enjoy more.

I made this topic for only one reason "PK". We are not here for just killing boss and getting free items from unbalanced system. We just want to enjoy Pk as its should be.

Please, don't take it wrong by "They just want Free NT for the bad reason".












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Its like that everyday     and when clans had NT wasnt any better..   Now they have  to pay KC for nt only about 3  clans have gone to orc side  better than  before ...  At least theres still  about 2 partys left..


If make it way it was before   nothing will change   clan nt only means everyone just change over and over  as before and 1 day 50 to 1 orc next day 50 to 1 human ...


Clan needs to talk to  gms    find some   NT them  get a better balance going then remove all NT  so everyone is stuck staying where there char is     or  made to give it up and remake new account to play other  nation 

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got your points, but mine is: we were in boss war event and we were like 4-5 party orc against humans Rome clan.

they left after 30mins or something like that, and than pk was over. same thing happen on Boss event in cz.

Orc's were only runing and waiting for few humans, and when humans went out of their bass, they got gang banged by 60 orc's+.

What's the points? it's just killing the event.

If one clan could nt, the situation would changes. PK could grow up again and everyone enjoy back, if humans are coming backs and unbalance the situation than you NT back.

It's sound crazy but at least cz/event doesn't stop.

Look, for me i can't play during weeks, only on week-ends and still depend on free times.

But if i log in during weekends for Pk or events and the only thing i see is : cz not much actions and event unbalanced (giving randoms numbers) 80 vs 20 it's just make me feel like leave the game and go play somethings else and come back later with hope stuff changed.

So imagine for new players. it's giving bad reputation.

Also it's not everyday and everytimes it's unbalanced, it's on certains periods/days/hours. but if we can improve better PK why would we not work on it?

I think you can give an try. select few serious clans. give them the privilege of NT for balance stuff and see how it's going.

Make a test for 1-2weeks  and if it's work than cool if not than what are you loosing? nothing.

If someone abuse it than you remove from the list.






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3 hours ago, KissOfNeo said:

free  first time  then cost 5 mill nps for clan to NT after :D  will slow it down 

then every1 will just disband and remake clan again and again smart like ur heals when ur warriors doing redball np.

the fact is many players on apexko still need gear to fight " old players" even if just few of us full gear some1 else like th0ms instead have basic items and still looking just for pk and not for farm thats funny and up to him.

there should be already something like buying items with ur own NPS maybe +7 or +8 krowaz holy knight etc. make them also untradable so people will farm their nps to buy their items and we will finally stop this OVER SELLER FOR USD on apexko.. something patethic every 2 min some1 is selling KC or ITMES out of server for some dollar instead to go work lmao..

lets see what wil be after this event ends and i hope the big strategy reducing our hard work nps will bring the benefits and players they were thinking about.

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27 minutes ago, KissOfNeo said:

keep  trying   cant upset me  99% time in  cz solo  and  tell my warriors to town  so u can chase me and have 3 partys vs me pretending thinking there good ?  and i still dont care 


give flame and stay on topic also please wanna see if any admin dare to respond at least..

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If look back server was ok  not balanced full but  good  then 1 clan nted   then next day you and lost of the high lvl all nted   due to a smaller clan going human  and it went to what it is now   50 orcs and the 4 humans  at 7 pm my time  and lunch time when was like       30 v 30  quiet time is          20 to  50  v  1


If the Nts at start didnt happen over and over with top clans this wouldn't have been so bad  but it happened  and its not good now      i have pleantly of SS     when i go in  cz run to side and SS the  horde of orcs  running and not a human in site ...

Then have pleantly of SS where is 0 to 4 orcs in cz and  unsure of humans  but list is full and i know theres more...


If it gets left to the players  then  it will NEVER be balanced    the last 12 months have proven that      and lots of players who want to try enjoy game for fun cant  as we have no clan to join  as im not interested in nt over and over  or just no one to party and play game with so have to go  50 v 1 way u all seam to enjoy it , Because the Nt the top clans repeatedly do  prove it ...

If the server was set and made balanced we all know  sooner or later  the top clans will all go 1 nation and start this all over again...


Now not saying just you but  it is all the top clans doing it   and not picking just saying what i watch happen time and time again    so  all the ones who keep nt are the ones to blame not the admin or low players  the ones who keep Nting 

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@KissOfNeo I see some lack of English comprehension from your part.
1. He said free NT for top clans only (the only clans who can actually balance the PK).
2. GM behind NTs to keep an eye on nation balance, so they can acept/deny a request from a clan looking to NT.

He never said free NT for everyone (like it was before, which was a huge mess). PK improved when they removed the ability to NT whole clans at once, at least that was the case for the very few days after the restriction. Sadly, there was still a lot of players that went orc afterwards to farm the Christmas event (and avoid those novas? ;)).

I like the idea of keeping the restriction that prevents clans to NT on their own and have GMs handle NT requests instead, that way they can see the current state of PK and make a decision.

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Before the  free for all  was added  GMs were doing the Nts and it was a mess they got sick of it and the buggers to nt so they added the system that just remained the same ...


They need to move  1 or 2 clans  to  other nation make it closer then just Ban  NT all together   if want to change nations then give up char and what nps you made and make new account  or stay 1 nations .

All the Nt happening and changes  makes it so ppl like me and not just me not interested in gearing a char the right way  not care for nps  or even game play....    I personal play a char i Hate with a passon just to help a few out at times  because they know  hit cz and your up against  5 to 1 on the best of times ...

If allow Nt to happen  ( And some ppl should be Nted around )  then it has to stop at that no more  my friend is orc i wanna change nations  over and over or we cant beat the mages so lets join them    No more end it  1 nation  or make new char and start again on other nation 


No more said   if want to argue with me on it  everyone knows who i am PM me  i may answer  or not 

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