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Instinct Recruiting

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We are currently recruiting players for the upcoming year in ApexKO.

What we want from you?
- Activity
- Common sense
- Experience on KO
- Teamspeak, no need to be shy, our ts is normally going full retarded #yolo.

What we can give you?
- Active clan to play with
- Help on farm & gear
- GG people to pk with.
- Fun.

If you are interested, throw me a PM or bump into this topic.



Please pm me, or InstinctRapist, or InstinctShogun, or Alaskan, in game if interested. Please be serious. Lets get this fucking NP' Points :P

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On 1/10/2019 at 7:12 PM, emilyos1 said:

i just ''throw'' a pm instictshogun. and he or she doesn't answer for 2 hours... 

she is kinda slow, she works a reality gig 9-5 and just sits in moradon and collects dust. hit me up, I will get you in the clan asap. 




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