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shiny boss

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2 hours ago, Dragon said:

shini is to strong cant kill him now. And he dissapear before 5 min this time on 2.30 and no drop any chests... should fix this ?:?=

actually it was good, this keep abit more players on cz to pk with :d.

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33 minutes ago, Dragon said:

yes but it cant die that is not good

That's even better, that way you zombies can stand there r-hitting the whole time while our party echoes and get free NPs.

HP scaling has been a successful change, PK session yesterday was the best one so far, so good work admins. 

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3 hours ago, Dragon said:

its good just shiny cant die ever need make that shini can die this way no drops if u dont like drop there is ppl who want get chests,,,

What are you talking about? It can die, in fact it died yesterday afternoon. Although It didn't die in the night.

Do you want to know why it didn't die in the night? Because people wanting to PK stopped you from attacking it, like it's suppose to be.
Like many many times happens with Ultima when there's nation balance.

Go make another topic, 3 topics about the same thing are not enough.

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