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Lv 70-72-75 skills.

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I've played this server for a week already, almost 17-16/24 online everyday, it's actually the first stable server with this version i've played lately, everything is perfect.


The fact that lvling from 1 to 60 it's normal would take 5-6 hours exping non stop, once you're 60 you'll have to exp non stop to get into 80 or 83 which takes too long probably, indeed once you're lvl 70 you're tottaly fucked up doing that quest, how can a solo player rogue exp? without that skills called "Dark pursuer" nd "Power shot" you need to kill lobo nd kill shaula which it gets killed by same clan fll geared players, how we supposed to do that quest? it's too damn hard. please solve it as soon as possible otherwise there will be no pk at all.

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I exped without having any skill unlocked aswell, so it is possible....

it might be harder if you want to genie afk exp, cause then dark pursuer is indeed realy good....


but still if you are online 16 hours a day like u say, u don't need dark pursuer, u only need arrow shower and multi shot and get a party in colony zone for exp, which is realy fast then...


and you can also look at eslant alot for that tail of shaula.... gotta be lucky sometimes 

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It is entirely possible to reach level 80 without unlocked skills. No class actually makes extensive use of locked skills other than probably warrior and Howling Sword.


Now, as far as unlocking goes, there will be some changes coming to CZ so that bosses spawn more often, how often though it is yet to be defined (I think).

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