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Bifrost - The biggest waste of time on ApexKO


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I have been enjoying quite a bit after joining late to the server. However, i was heavily disappointed during my first visit to "fixed" bifrost.


Party setup:

2 Priests, 1 int / 1 bp.

2 Rogues, 1 archer / 1 sin.

1 Mage, support lightning.

3 Warriors, 2 hellblades.


Its not party made for true fragment -hunt but we killed the monu and went to adventure!


First room: EGOS - There are way, and i mean way too few egos for even 1 party. We can kill all of them within 20 seconds. Then we freaking need to wait for respawns instead of proper grinding.

Second room: Wraiths - Same than above but even less to kill and even bigger idle time to wait for respawns.

Third room: Sloths - Enough for one party but still too slow respawn & too few mobs for several parties being in same location. (this is the place where orcs & humans farm/fight together).

Fourth room: Lusts - Our party killed all of them, waited for approx 30 seconds and moved on because no respawn. 

Fifth room: Envy - Total of 4 mobs in the room, all of them killed within few minutes. No proper respawn time.

Sixth room: Greed's - Killed all 4 mobs in the room, waited for _several minutes_ and no respawn.


Fragment -rate got increased but its still too low, my day of fishing beats every single farm aspect of going Bifrost, by far. (approx 60 fragments / gems per day).


I have a feeling that during alpha & beta, there was no proper testing on bifrost or it was done by 1 character instead of sending an actual party of players there.




1. Increase the amount of mobs for each room radically. (i mean multiple amounts compared to current state).

2. Increase the amount of exp from mobs, radically. The experience -pools are screwed totally, lowest mobs give much better exp compared to higher level mobs. (really, have anyone checked these before?).

3. Lower the respawn -times for mobs. This will guarantee 100 times better bifrost experience for everyone that bothers to go there.


Side -suggestion. I know half my clan will hate me for doing this but here it comes:

Remove Fragment of arrogance from fishing / mining. I know its a big change but it should not have been there from the beginning at all, same than green & blue boxes.

Even if you make all the suggestions, i will still fish shitloads more fragments than i can get from 1 hour farm from bifrost. And that should not be prior farm on this server.


If you want more information / ask questions about our lovely trip over bifrost, drop me a reply here or pm ingame.





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tl; dr


increase spawn time or spawn number: sloths envys lusts wraths and greeds spawns like tards.... gotta wait for it 10 minutes?  waste of scrolls

increase drop rate - it's still low and creeps are strong :D ;

increase EXP! at least 3 times for real - (atm anything in CZ or eslant is better than in bifrost)  for example: sloth in full party with EXP prem and eggs gives :  500k,  kk thx bb

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Agreed, as i mentioned in this post aswell:



It's not hard to buy a prem + golden rod after 1-2 days of farming and OP is right.   Fishing / mining is still pretty much the best  best thing to do, especially if you do it with 4-5 chars and it destroy the overall activity of other events / farming.


As an example:





- ~35-40 minutes Bifrost farming today (with the increased drop rates, almost every1 lvl 80, mostly with skills opened, +7 / +8 items.   And it's an event, opened only for few hour a day, supposed to be one of the best, if not THE BEST farming spot at this state of the game w/o juraid, UTC and so on):




That was the result.  6-7x   Fragments of Rage (3rd worst fragment) for everybody in the party.   We could've gone for sloth or stronger mobs, that would've gotten even less drops [would've been higher chance for uniques, but well even if u menage to get 3x from the best fragment, it won't guarantee unique drop so] as well as plenty of people would've died.


(Normally it would be a really good drop rate, just comparing the time / effort / result here with the fishing makes it aint seems cool)


So ye, that was the Bifrost drop for each people, which required:


-A full party / decent amount of ppl, priest, attackers, etc.

-High lvls, good items.

-Had the possibility of dieing and losing exp /// being raided.

-using pots, rpring (cost money).

-have to be there, focusing, playing the game. (Not an AFK activity as Fishing / mining)  and so on.




-Meanwhile:   I started fishing with an other char of our at the same time we started the BF farm, this was the result after the same 35-40 mins:






It's 10m+ coin (sapphires + upgrade scrolls, etc)

As well as 8x gems + fragment + chest in total.   (They might have a little worse rate overall, but still)

flashes, abyss gems, worms.



And what does it require?



-I was AFKing, checked it 1 time to make sure the inventory isn't full yet.

-Didn't cost any money at all. Don't have to rpr, no pots needed.

-No chance to die or anything (well there is a tiny bit if they lure smth there, but u can just do it with sub char so losing exp won't rly hurt)

-If you do it with your main char, it gives a decent amount of XP aswell.






At the end of the day, if you compare them, they worth almost the same value with the diff, for one of them i had to be here, concentrating, sitting  on my ass for 40 minutes straight, wasting pots and shit, while the other one made it all while i wasn't even looking.     


And that was with 1 char. Fishing 24/7 with 5+ char, you will have so many stuff u will be bored exchanging / upgrading them.


So ye the main problem is still that despite the changes (which made things better btw) it's still not rly profitable to waste your time and farming the normal way.  




PS.: I don't mind if it stays like this, but i will just fishing aswell with a couple of character instead of going for BF and such a things.









And ye, didn't mention the EXP rates, but that could also help alot to make BF an active place if the exp rates are fixed  and killing wratch or whatever with a strong party should be on pair with CZ AOC when it comes to XP income if not better. 


Cuz till now, it totally didn't worth it.


With changes like that you could force ppl to go to BF, however Egos / gluttons would still be a problem, cuz unless the rates ll be hella high for them, doubt any1 will bother farming those considering the amount of ego / glutton fragments you can gain from fishing. Not necessarily saying to reduce the fishing rates to piss off ppl, but u know what i mean..




(Gotta see the new changes tho, since they changed few things regarding BF after today's restart, but if the exp we get wasn't touched, then it can indeed be changed yet aswell)








PS.: Offtopic,    adding the possibility of getting gold coin from cardinal / hobgoblin at cz, was good, but it's still only 10x Hobgoblin and like 15x cardinals (2x since spots are for both side) and that's it what lower geared ppl // soloers can farm fine alone.   Making other mobs like trolls, etc useful too would be great to see.)

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Update:   Tested Bifrost today, after the changes, the result is:


-The drop rates are acceptable, could be abit better (especially on Gluttons - Egos since those frags are dropped from fishing / mining too) still tho And around 75% would be reasonable on stronger mobs like Sloth or only from Lust and above i guess considering the time it takes to kill 1 and given that you gotta do it in a full party ---> drops devide among 8 ppl, but it can be oka w/o increasing it too if the rest of the things below will happen]  considering what does fishing provides.


-The respawn times seems to be too slow still but couldn't check it properly since it was only our party there so not that much competition.


-Some more mobs at each spot still wouldn't hurt either.


-What would rly needed on the other hand, in order to increase the activity there, is radically increasing the exp they give, like 5-10x times more atleast. A Lust (3rd strongest mob, requires GG party, duffer and shit, still hits like 2000 so rly dangerous) gave like 50% of the xp of a cz AOC atm or smth like that, that is horrible (you can kill like 5-10 CZ AOC during the time you kill 1x lust so it's like 8-20x times better exp than lust). If the exp would be 5-10x more, aside from fragments it would be a decent exp place aswell so ppl would bother going there and not leaving it empty.   (Also, not sure about this1 but check out if the  order is fine ---> stronger mobs gives more exp, cuz maybe we were getting more at wratch than lust, but not sure.  )

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100% agree with removing arrogance frag / green gem / green and blue chests from fishing. Move this income to active events rather than fishing. Even with just red chest/black gem/lowest frag(can't remember the name) fishing will still be good money along with the crudes & co.


Active events should always be better than non- active, and since fishing is very strong we should (slightly) nerf it and (slightly) buff other active events.


Just my 2 cents

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Yeah alot of people with 4-5 fishing accounts don't want to hear it, but the way forward is to make activity more viable. The chaos stone is all good stuff, cardinals and aoc are great.  With the newcommers event coming up, I think that will help alot. Making the mobs in bitfrost give great exp will encourage people to go there AND it will create some action in CZ over the monument.

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Yesterday we had full party on bifrost once again, this time accompanied with 2 lowbies, one lvl 58 and one lvl 65.

The droprates were better this time, so were the spawns - atleast for gluttons since we killed only those during the event.


The biggest disappointing issue was still not my shitty luck on turning in fragments, but exp.

We were there for 1 hour 30 minutes with killtime of glutton approx 5 seconds. After that event the lvl 58 was still lvl 58 and same goes for our lvl 65 sin.

One of our lvl 80 sins died once since "bad priests didnt heal xD", he gained -3% from the whole event.


Suggestion: Why don't you guys just go #yolo and put each mob with 1mil exp gain. Thereby bifrost would be an considerable event to go in for, and with that it would also increase fights on bowl to take monument. (winwinwin situation).


Until next patch, i won't suggest going BF to any of my clannies but instead fishing. (thats more afk people and less & less pvp for you guys).





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Exp seems to be better now, tested it only at bowl tho, but here is today's result:    (War prem, lvl 83 duo with a lvl 77 guy):



CZ AOC:  380,000 exp.

Ego:   280,000 exp

Glutton: 970,000 exp

Wratch:  1,230,000 exp.



That was in CZ, once again, so maybe it's slightly less at BF, due to the CZ exp boost, but even if it's like that, from what i saw during this few min today, now it seems worth to do indeed finally only thing i hope is that it's balanced among the whole monsters so there won't be things like, glutton gives more exp than Lust etc and that we won't get way lower exp in a full party at bf but will see.

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