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Tuke Selling Items

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- Moonlight +8 Reverse  ( 116 AP ) !

- Rogue Krowaz Set+11 / Rosetta Helmet , Gauntlet+11

- Rogue Holy Knight Pads+11 "Only One In Server "

- Lousy PickPocket Raum // 2x Sherion+14 / 1x Dark Vane+14

- 2x CockaTrice Earring // 2x Eme+3

- Dex S.S.S // AoD+3

- Elf Belt+3

- Determined Bow+11 / Eagle Eye+14 Reverse

- Dragon Scale Set+11 " With MP Bonus " 

- 2x Crystal Earring+3

- Crystal Necklace+3

- Crystal Belt+3

- Crystal Ring+3 / +2

-- Priest Krowaz Set+11

-- Gab Adamant+11

-- Garges Mace+11 

-- Dual SSE+3  // INT S.S.S

-- Fully Int Gear!

PM Ingame " TukeOwnz " or here



- Warrior Rosetta Helmet+11

- Warrior Krowaz Gauntelt / Helmet+11

- Chaos Wirinom+11

Good if want Rogue or Priest items for trade Warrior gear



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