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[Maintenance update] Server is back online!

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Hey guys,

The maintenance is finally over and the server's back online on a new dedicated server with our new provider.
Without the disk I/O issues, a lot of the lag we were experience should be completely gone now, and the shift back should also reduce the ping for many players.

By way of apology, players who login in the next 2 weeks (once per account) will receive:
 - 1 x Cospre set [5 days] (includes armor, helmet, Pathos Gloves x 2, Hellfire wings)
 - 7 days of Switching premium

Note that these will be sent to the first character that logs in, however once logged in you can exchange the vouchers and then transfer them to one of your alts on the same account.

Additionally, as we know that UTC is something that everyone looks forward to, we've rescheduled UTC for Bifrost time (only for today). This is in an hour from this post.

Once again, thanks to everyone for sticking it out with us. It's been a rough ride.


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