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Whats the go with the  mobs with 100% stun rate  stun for 5 to 10 seconds while being spamed with 2 k damage  unable to heal  pot nothing just die ???

Lots cant finish utc due to the 100% stun and nothing to counter it   excpt leave  UTC 

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all ones stopping you gettin into last room  if die and dont make it with the mob of ppl  when try get back  as soon as get near door to head to last room  just get totally stun  cant move and spammed with 2 k damage till die..

I tried on priest  int   almost 200 light rest and 100% stunned i tryed 5 times to get in but as soon as near the door gate    stuck  till dead cant heal nothing just stand and die..


So all left over mobs i think 3rd room going to 4th not sure names cause  2 or 3 types in there 

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