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Halloween Chest Drop


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Please make it so only Halloween event items are exchanged only from halloween chest such as duration pot/ red/ darkness weapon voucher/ etc.

I turned in after gruel farming 375 apples only to receive a reverse strengthen upgrade scroll 1x. Also if possible can the # of apples drop be increased for spiders and pumpkins. the current rate seems too low.


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As i posted other place the Drops need longer  time before expire..     I farmed for 5 hours  then taking a break handed in chest got Blue pot drop.  Took a break for couple hours before returning to pk ( maybe 4 hours break ) to find the pot had already expired and been deleted .


I did get finally a Solar tattoo drop but  same thing  got drop went afk to sleep  got up to see it expire.

When hand in chests  should get at lest 24 hours to use item  not be forced to return to cz straight away to use it so it dont expire on you 

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IIIAmJohnWick, 4 saat önce yazdı:

Edit #1: Halloween chest (375 apple requirement still drop reverse item upgrade scroll). Please look into this.


i'm exhausted :blink: Jony 3 days farm 11.250 Apple = 30X Cheast = 0 Darkness İtem :wacko: @twostars 2017 Event previous event was very nice :rolleyes: 


yes 10x Cheast Open 10X  Reverse Scrool OMGGG :blink:


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