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Kurian's AP/Skill bugged?


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I've tried Kurian and passion warrior skills on Iron Scarecrow. Kurian damage: 4500-5050 and Warrior damage: 5400-5800. Both chars got same items and attack power but Kurian's lvl 75 skill which is same as Cry Echo hits less damage. Why? In CZ against Rogues, Kurian hits 850-1k but warrior hits 1100-1300

Unless Cry Echos description is wrong (300% + 200 additional damage) and it's like Hell Blade (300% +350 additional damage)?

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2 hours ago, twostars said:

You said same AP and same items; it was the same weapon also, right? Which weapon was it?

That's right, Hepas Raptor +11. I even tested my personal Sword +14 rev which gives more AP than hepa, still Kurian hits lower. I made sure not to activate Kurians Passive skil 15% AP, with that ofc kurians hit more.

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I've investigated this by creating a new warrior and kurian character.

I've statted them both 255 in STR and left the remaining stat points undistributed.I've taken of all armor / accessories / cospre items, and equipped the Untradable Hepa's Raptor (+11) reverse.
Furthermore, skill point distribution was as follow; Kurian: 75 points in Attack (rest undistributed), Warrior: 83 points in Passion (rest undistributed).

This yields the following results:
Kurian AP: 2215
Warrior AP: 1856

Furthermore, as the warrior requires the buff to be able to use Cry Echo, the AP for the warrior increased by exactly 100 to 1956 upon using the buff.

The damage on the <Iron Scarecrow> in Moradon was as follows:
Kurian: 1800 ~ 1970
Warrior: 1600 ~ 1790

The damage difference is easily explained by the difference in AP, what's causing your difference - I don't know, but I'm guessing you're not accounting for something.

Closing this topic.

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