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I have lost my Gab adam +8


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as long as  i did pmed alot of gms about this and they said they ll check and none reply me for more than month now  i decide to make topic ,, 

its simple i have upgraded a gab adamnt +8 (+5 rev ) on my main char HisMother , And i sent to my onther Char BigDango ,, which in same account but i was in hurry to go and put inn nn ,  and after a day when i log in  i didnt found any adam in letter , so i decided to wait like week maybe i sent wrong with space or something and nothing came back , , so first 

i wanna see if its bug letter reback , and second i need my adam i borrow my friend agab so i need mine ! 

check logs and see  it was like month now and when i pmed gms as i said in game they told me they ll pm me back but still nothing

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If you're referring to the end of January this year, which is the only time I see this happening, then:
2018-01-30 21:26:09: You sent the item from Hoooligan to BigDango via letter.
2018-01-31 14:21:27: BigDango opened the letter & took the item.
2018-01-31 14:21:50: BigDango mailed the item to FrancescoTotti10.

If not, then you'll have to be a little more clear on your timeframe, which I suspect was the reason this wasn't dealt with sooner.

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I don't need an exact date, just an estimation. Did it happen within the last 3 months? Did it happen at the start of the year?
Surely you can answer that, at least?

The only case I can see (with the +5 reverse piece) was back in late January, and it didn't really go down as you described. You mailed it, then mailed it to someone else (FrancescoTotti10) shortly after opening it. This was all done from the same PC.

If that's what we're talking about, then no restoration is possible.

Was looking into chat logs to try and establish a timeframe, as you said you talked to Sierra and some other GMs in-game. I'm assuming you didn't PM Sierra as there's no record of such, but I also can't find anything of relevance in general chat either. You never PM'd me on the forums, but I suppose I can see if you were misremembering and you PM'd Sierra on the forums or something instead.

Edit 2:
Nope. Nothing relevant there.

Realistically speaking, unless you can be more specific in when you're talking about (as the only thing I can see this ENTIRE year, is from January -- and that is not being restored), it's likely nothing will be done at this point. Restoration cases should always go through an admin; myself or Aesteris, which didn't happen.

Generalising it down to all letters sent from your account containing Gab's Adamants of all kinds, there is only 1 hit recently (in September) where you mailed a regular +7 to themageslayer.
The next hit, is back in January, and it doesn't really match up with what you stated at all.

So I suspect there's no issue here and thus no restoration is needed.

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okay , nvm i was already gaven up on it , but dates im not remmber it as well , it was before i change my name from hoooligan to HisMother by long time ago , and u right as long as i didnt remmber the date its usles , i was gm in maxko  & nusko and i know more about data as well , so when i remmber i ll pm u directly


thx for ur time waste on my account invest,, 


regards ❤️

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