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Let's make ApexKO, Enjoy-able Again, the WINTER IS COMING!

And so we need / wants new Events!

I would start and say here is my 1st Suggestion for making RLB WAR Enjoy-able once again.


Okay so basically, I recently had a Good-Conversation with Chines / TW Clans.
And it's seems to be unfair, that they never can't participate of any of Castle Siege WAR because of their Time Zone!
But they been on this Server for EVER! they supported your server than most of the old Players Here, included me.

But here I found a solution where I spoke to some of the Chines / TW Clans; 
CrazyTime & OoMASTERoO & PLAYER...
The thing is that Castle Siege WAR atm is every Sunday's at; 21:10 GMT+2 // for them as I know it's 02:10 AM Monday which they've to wake up at 07:00 am to WORK and so on...

So my Suggestion is: to move the CSW to Saturday where they don't have to work at Sunday's and so they can stay late till Sunday's Morning.
Soon the Game Time will changed; -1 Hours less. which mean it will starts for them at: 1:10 am and Ends at 2:10 Sunday's Morning.

As I mention earlier, I spoke with some of them and they told me if it was on Saturday they could COME!
Which it will make the Castle Siege WAR even activer than today's CSW.

+1 for this aswell: 


Eden || Melody.

Edited by Melody
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Timezones are a difficult topic.

This is a good idea to help asian players join CSW.
You could just switch Sunday and Saturday schedule (it could be a one time test if you'd like) and give them a chance to see how many of them will actually show up.

Although I'm also a bit concerned on how this will affect the amount of people joining the (hypothetical) Last Lunar war on Sunday. Most of the players in here live in EU timezone, and that's going to be late night for them before monday work. There's already not that many players joining RLB war on Sunday, but this might as well be because that war is somewhat boring.

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Its not just  cws tho  for some time zone  like ours  CSW WAR  all on very early or late  when have to work then go bed late and wake up tired or get up early  and less sleep .

Our time zone we get good pk in server  have plenty of ppl on alot Bored from pk against same ppl over and over  some event might be fun  like a war


Back in old days there was  1 one once a war  on in a time zone good for +10  ppl who had to wake up  for it didnt like it complained and that war never happened again ...

Make events for all to enjoy  time zones for everything possible 

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