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Ronark Land Base {WAR}


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Ronark Land Base {WAR};
So basically this Event happening  twice in a week [Sunday's].

Atm, not many players participate because it's boring as is it now.

Before many Players would Participate and join to this Event, because they were getting Nation Potions & Ladder Points per Kill.
But now, it just Nation Points per Kill [ but don't get me wrong, it's good but not many players really go to RLB / WARS for NPs]...

My Suggestions is:
1st is to add Felankor to Any of the stages; I recommend to 1st - Begin Stage and to 4th - Final Stage, [ I like the idea that only 1 assassin can drain per 60 seconds ].
Adding two Felankors would give a chance to both sides to win a Felankor BOX..

2nd add NPC to RLB WAR would give options to Players Gain Free Apex/Krowaz Chests.
For Example Add Missions/Quests;
A. Felankor Chests.
B. Killing 100/250 PPL during RLB Wars = 3/5/10 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
C. Killing 3x Sanke Queens = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
D. Killing 3x Troll Kings = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
E. 3x Etorath = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
F. 1x Atross / 1x Riotes = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
G. 3x Talos  = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.

And so on, they're plenty of monsters that Players don't bother to kill them, because they don't worth the time - effort to kill them.
For example; SQ & TK they drops IN+0 / AOD+0 / AOS+0 and so other Accessorize where ppl can buy them from NPC's at +2/3...


Eden || Melody.

Edited by Melody
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