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Halloween Event


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If there is one has to be different than last year. Everyone played  Rogue for darkness bow and the geared players made lots nps or priest for the mace  spam heal on ppl in town and watch them die .  

That wasn't fun if your 5  to 10 hours out of the time zone events start and cant get the event due to being killed like that..

Events are good  something fun for EVERYONE to enjoy a new unique Halloween item rings earrings neck Halloween weapon  to have forever and if not get completed  maybe have so Next year can be improved ..

EG  ring neck ear  u make +2 but miss out of a +3  wait till next year..

Have items sell able as well so pl will farm  and have in bowl so to get something need to take the risk for it.


NO more darkness +11 instant for the ones here for the best server times   events that everyone can enjoy is best

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twostars, 20.10.2018 - 07:37 yazdı:

Yes, I'm still trying to get on top of it. Don't plan for it to be the same as last year.

i want the better :) new items from usko , apexko buy merchant search i can see :)  database in have we want :) 

https://forum.nttgame.com/forum/showthread.php?373143-Bakım-18-Ekim-2018  Look at :)   very nice on images

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