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Kurian Weapon Nepilim


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Hi there,

I want to start to play devil kurian so I have to know that before start to play;

Why there is no "drop"s for nepilim or why that weapon is not in the starter pack? Also I wonder that why kurian's have to gear up like warriors, i mean why only secret porutu set we can only obtain with high risks and high amount of money?(I am aware of players can obtain DSC with MP) But, why there is no "Krowaz Porutu Gear" Just asking, so any idea? 




Devil kurian oynamak istiyorum ama bundan önce şunu merak ediyorum;

Arkadaşlar neden nepilim "drop"u yok ya da başlangıç eşyalarında nepilim opsiyonu konulmamış? Ayrıca neden devil oynayan kurianlar secret porutu set dışında warrior gibi giyinmek zorunda?(DSC mp basılıyor biliyorum) Ama neden "Krowaz porutu zırhları" yok? Gerçekten merak ediyorum.


(DSC: Dragon Scale Armor)

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You have right to ask this, as we see that the archers can have windforce which gives them dex bonus but devil kurians cannot have MP bonus weapon that only 1 in this game name is nepilim... And why people care about only the buy/sell on this forum lol :D

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