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Ultima event's been added to this server for longer PK OR gift items?


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Server is good with new clans and more players.

Need remove ultima. I see so many orcside rogue drainers, that I never seen before ever on server. (most certainly side accs of other players). This destroys pk very badly.

@Aesteris@twostars. Please make drain not possible on ultima. similar to how it is with UTC BOSSES. Drainers ultimately kill pk during ultima time. (haha i used ultimately and ultima in same sentence xD) But seriously. please fix. so many people are taking advantage of ultima through drain and sometimes theres so many drainers that it dies in under 10-15 seconds. Please remove drain capacity on ultima.


If possible maybe lets do vote and remove ultima from cz? what you guys think? @ Community of ApexKO

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