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I respectively explain. First of all, I can't do much mission because I play the priest class so I can't defeat or rival enemy. It is big problem for priest class players in order to complete much mission. Ardream and Krowaz were closed. There are no mobs to hunt it in Ronark Land Base.

Achievement > Normal > Event: Is it possible to be activated soon? 

Achievement > War > Same: There is two mission which is to defeat enemy user and to succeed in revenge but I can't do the missions as priest player.

                                          My suggestion is that it is countable when any of our party members defeat and rival any enemy. 

Achievement > War > Pioneer Arena: Ardream was closed by the admin. I can't do these mission as priest player even if Ardream is opened because I can't defeat or rival enemy.

Achievement > War > Lunar: There are two sorts of the mission.

                                          Firstly, defeating nation user in Lunar Valley which I can't do the mission as priest player. 

                                          Secondly, succeeding in revenge in Lunar Valley which the mission is uncountable.

                                          I can't do these missions as priest player.  

Achievement > Adventure > Dungeon > Dungeon > Abyss Commander (Page 4 / 11): It wouldn't count even if we hunted Isiloon in Ronark Land.

Achievement > Adventure > Dungeon >  Field  (Page 32 / 44) > Sons of Darkness:  We can't do this mission because there are no "Forwird" and "Forwird Warrior" in Ronark Land Base

Achievement > Adventure > Dungeon >  Field (Page 37 / 44) > Abracadabra: I think Goloras mobs respawn time should be shortened the time.

Achievement > Adventure > Dungeon >  Field (Page 44 / 44) > Treasure's all mine!: > We can't this mission because the admins were disabled to enter at Krowaz's Dominion


I hope you firstly deign to express your opinion and to fix it afterwards.



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On 9/10/2018 at 9:59 PM, Marshmallow said:

You could unlock some by changing class, aren't you bored playing priest all the time? :D

Playing priest is too bored if you are single at this party for a long time but it is no point.

I report bugs, giving a suggestion but I haven't received an answer from admins. :) 


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