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I agree. This is becoming a problem for the PK.

I see many people migrating to archer, thus doing a boring and tiring PK. Because archers do not kill anyone and simply run to and fro. This is tiring the warrior to play.

And it's not just my opinion, I see many people from other classes saying the same thing.

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Ice Arrow 100% While I'm using Gab Shield+8 & String Of Skulls & Glacier pot always iced by arrow. Please fix this bullshit this is not like Usko at all! I played usko very longtime and never seen this bullshit.

Archer 100% ice 100% stun alot higher rate then mages!!!!


I walking to bowl i kill 2 person and after i need town because i get iced and 300 archers hitting me also cannot farm with 1 hour auto loot quest cuz have 300 archers running after 1 harunga.

Cuz turkish kids 12 year old dont like work in real life so they farm 24/7 for their food.



Picture of KingAureliO in real life:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor legolas


PS: You can better delete the sin class it cannot catch anyone and if it does it hits 20 on spike cuz failed hit. Also critical so low chance useless class.

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